Chuck[1], also known as simply Claws' Assistant[2], is Pete Ward's assistant on the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. He is a pale-skinned monster with four arms.


Chuck scolds Claws

Claws is scolded by Chuck.

After Pete Ward was nearly touched by a human child while working on Scare Floor F, Chuck attempted to console the emotionally unstable scarer. However, he was picked up by Claws, who loudly claimed he could have lost his life, before being slapped and told to keep it together. Chuck then called for Needleman and Smitty, who came over with the door shredder to destroy the dangerous door.

Later the same day, George Sanderson was discovered to have a human sock on his back, and the CDA was called in to decontaminate the company. During the CDA's operation, Chuck was tackled and shaved, despite having no skin.

After it was discovered the energy needed for Monstropolis could be collected by both human screams and laughter, Monsters, Inc. became a laugh factory, with Chuck's job changing accordingly.


Claws and Chuck in the audience of the company play.

Chuck attended a performance of the company play Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me, and sat next to Claws, who was crying during one of the scenes, to Chuck's annoyance.


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