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Many doors stored away in the warehouse.

The Door Warehouse is the biggest part of the factory. It is home to a storage of millions of doors used by Monsters, Inc. in the movie Monsters, Inc. Mike, Sulley, and Boo are seen traveling through the warehouse to get to Boo's door and escape Randall Boggs. This part of the factory is only attached to the actual scare floors (and probably the Simulation Room).

During the climax of Monsters, Inc., Mike, Sulley try to summon Boo’s door using her card key. As the door appears, though, Randall takes notice and chases after them. Sulley resorts to extracting all of the doors on the Scare Floor, and the trio grab onto one as they ride into the door vault, with Randall behind them. After going through drops, twists, and turns, the monsters and the child split from their target door and go into a dead end, with Randall looming outwards. Mike causes harm to himself, which causes Boo to laugh and activate the doors. The trio escape into the door they were hanging on. They enter a beach (where Mike jokingly asks “Why couldn’t we get banished here?”) They escape into another closet and enter another door to escape Randall, which leads to a house in Japan. They go through more doors until Randall catches up. As he tries to exit a door, Mike slams it on him, catching him the frame. The two partners think they’ve lost him. However, Boo seems to have fallen out of Sulley’s hands, with Randall appearing above and holding the child. He detaches the door they were holding onto from the rail, to send it plummeting. The two enter the door before it impacts, and exit through another door. They find the lizard escaping with the human on the railway. Sulley tries to ambush him, but Randall takes notice and flees into the door he’s hanging onto. Sulley jumps off his door and into the other one. As he enters, though, Randall smacks him in the face, which causes to hang on the door frame, above the pit below. But before Randall could send the Scarer to his death, Boo jumps and him and starts choking and beating him, just before Sulley can get his grip back and grab hold of him. Sulley taunts him, saying that she’s not scared of him, then one-lines him by saying “Looks like you’re out of the job.” A few minutes later, Mike finds a door, which Sulley uses to throw Randall into, with Mike saying things a baseball announcer would say. Randall is then banished into a swamp, where his beaten up humans who think he is an alligator. Sulley deactivates the door, then plummets it down off the platform. The trio then return to Boo’s door and attempt to reactivate it. However, before they can do so, the door moves to the Scare Floor, which starts the end of the movie.



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