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Eta Hiss Hiss, often shortened as HSS, is one of the six sororities of Monsters University. Its members adopt the Goth and Emo style for their appearance.

The Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS) sorority has been around since the beginning of Monsters University and the members are as mysterious as they are terrifying. The HSS sisters might be pale, mysterious and sullen, but these intimidating Goth girls are fierce competitors and tough as nails. Fittingly, their most distinguished alumna is one of the most powerful, Scary monsters on campus who every new Scare student strives to impress—Dean Hardscrabble.



  • Their abbreviation (HSS) is a reference to the sound 'hiss'. Hissing is often associated with creatures such as spiders and snakes, which links to the sorority's dark style. It is parodied from either one of these Greek abbreviation: "ΗΞΞ": Eta Xi Xi, or "ΗΨΨ": Eta Psi Psi.
  • In the Scare Games, HSS was the fourth team eliminated. They were eliminated because they failed to hide correctly (they resorted to typical monster hiding places like behind a curtain, under a bed, and up a chimney, all are off limits) in the Hide And Sneak event.
  • According to the Monsters University Fearbook and Monsters University Essential Guide, it is revealed that the HSS members are also an award-winning a cappella group. Also, this wasn't seen at all in the film, and if that was true, they would've a cappella-ized the Monsters University alma mater during the intro of the Scare Games finale between Oozma Kappa and Roar Omega Roar. Also, their singing parts would be consisting of Rosie singing lead vocals (Because of her treadmark snake tongue and hissing sound and her being iconic of the soeority as well as being the leader), Nadya singing alto and high tenor, Sonia singing normal tenor, Rhonda singing bass, Susan singing baritone and Nancy singing countertenor and providing vocal percussion.
  • In early concept art it was revealed that Claire Wheeler was originally going to be a member of the sorority.
  • Susan, for whatever reason, isn't seen after the "Avoid the Parent" event for the rest of the film.
  • When Oozma Kappa are humiliated at the party, the HSS girls are shown with shocked and dumbfounded expressions on their faces and do not laugh, unlike everyone else.
  • HSS appear to be the sorority equivalent of Roar Omega Roar, since they are among the top teams in the Scare Games and produced one of the most distinguished Scarers- Abigail Hardscrabble
Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS)
Eta Hiss Hiss

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