Celia: "Thanks. So, uh, are we going anywhere special tonight?"
Mike: "l...I just got us into a little place called, um, Harryhausen's."
Celia: "Harryhausen's? But it's impossible to get a reservation there."
Mike: "Not for Googley Bear."
—Celia and Mike

Harryhausen's (pronounced Her-rey-How-sins) is a restaurant in Monstropolis. Very Difficult to get a reservation at, it is where Mike Wazowski takes Celia out to for a date to celebrate Celia's birthday.


Harryhausen's is the restaurant that Mike Wazowski takes his girlfriend Celia Mae to for her birthday dinner in Monsters, Inc.. The greeting when visitors arrive is "Get a paper bag!"

During Mike's dinner with Celia, Sulley shows up to tell Mike about Boo, the human girl who somehow got into the monster world. However, she breaks away from Sulley and makes her presence known to all the patrons, causing mass panic in the restaurant. The Sushi Chef calls the CDA for help, and they arrive at the restaurant and round up everybody inside for decontamination. Mike and Sulley manage to escape with Boo, but Celia is caught. The entire restaurant is then closed off from the city in a blue force field. It was after the incident in the restaurant that all of Monstropolis became aware of Boo's presence in the monster world.

The restaurant scene is also featured in Mike's company play Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me.


Harry cars 2

The billboard in Cars 2

  • The restaurant is named after the deceased stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen.
  • Marlin from the next film Finding Nemo is shown on the wall behind the Sushi Chef in the restaurant.
  • A billboard of the restaurant makes a cameo in Cars 2.
  • The overall design of the restaurant resembles a Japanese sushi restaurant.
  • The restaurant made a brief cameo in the short Tokyo Mater, complete with car-ified versions of Mike and Sulley.
  • The fact that the monster employees yell, "Get a paper bag!" whenever someone enters the restaurant may be a reference to the fact that in Japan, employees at restaurants and other stores would yell, "Irasshaimase!" whenever someone enters. A similar Japanese saying and interpretation shows up in Toy Story 2.
  • The menu for Harryhausen's reads:
Goo tofu: tender slice of goo with dofu garnish
Vegetable tempuki: reeking selection of vegetables fried tempuki style
Swill and Sour Soup: varmint medley in miso broth
Flab cake: sauteed slab of muck with ginger dipping sauce
Sushi ala Carte:
Spider roll: hairy spiders in a used seaweed wrapper
Carrion katsu: crispy-fried carrion with radishes
Slimy sashimi: slime-crusted chunk of maladrous mackerel
Howling hamachi: yellowtail with lima beans and burned spinach
Caterpillar roll: ripe caterpillars rolled with fermented bean curd
Terrible teriyaki: vulture cutlets served on a sizzling platter
Ickki Ishikari: soft-shelled blob with leech and lentil puree
Assorted yukitori: grilled plab and rancid fish on bamboo skewers
Squid sludge shogayuki: fresh squid covered with locally-dredged sludge
Kappa mucki: marinated and grilled mucki fillet
Green Tea ice scream
Blueberry slobbler
Mud pie
Hot Sake
Flaming Sake
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