The Kids[1] are four children that attend Mrs. Nesbitt's kindergarten class. The group consists of a blue slug-like monster, a thin orange monster that resembles Rivera and Tony, a chubby green monster with four arms, and a thin, green monster with orange polka dots, three eyes, and a horn.



Ms. Nesbitt speaking with the Kids and Boo.

One day, Mrs. Nesbitt took her students on a class trip to Monsters, Inc., in order to learn about the company and the way it was run.

After James P. Sullivan realized the garbage cube he had retrieved from the trash compactor did not actually contain Boo, she, in her monster costume, ran by him, and towards Mrs. Nesbitt and the Kids, but was picked up by Sulley before she reached them. Mrs. Nesbitt politely asked Boo her name, to which she replied "Mike Wazowski!" During the conversation, the blue slug-like monster crawled up to Wazowski and bit his hand, causing him to yelp in pain. The incident made Boo laugh, which made the lights above them lose power, and Mrs. Nesbitt and the frightened kids fled the scene while Mike, Sulley and Boo ran in the opposite direction.

In the company play Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me, the blue-slug like monster made an appearance as Boo, and he was present during the scene at Harryhausen's, where he chased Sulley and other monsters around the restaurant while Mike sang, as well as the final scene.

Behind the scenes

The blue slug-like monster was voiced by Sophia Ranft, the daughter of Monsters, Inc. story artist Joe Ranft.





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