Monsters at Work
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July 7, 2021 on Disney+




Mike and Sulley Apartment is located in Monstropolis. Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan live there together as roommates. It is composed of two bedrooms and a living room. When the two monsters bring Boo into the monster world, they briefly hide in the apartment, keeping Boo safe from the CDA while they decide what to do.


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Mike: "Hey, hey, that's it!! No one touches Little Mikey!"
Sulley: "Mike, give her the bear."
Mike: "Oh, no..."
(Boo screams from the top of her lungs causing their lights to surge.
Mike: "Make it stop Sulley! Make it stop!"
Sulley:"Here! Look! See the bear? Ooh, nice bear!"
Mike: "Sulley!!"
Sulley: "See? Ooh, bear, ooh! ♪ Oh, he's a happy bear. ♪ He's not crying, neither should you ♪ Or we'll be in trouble ♪ 'Cause they're gonna find us ♪ So please stop crying right now" ♪
Mike: "Good! Good, Sulley! Keep it up! You're doing great!"
Sulley: "♪ Ooh, ah, the happy bear, he has no..." ♪
Sulley: "Bwaaaaah! Yaah! Oh, she touched me!! It touched me!"
Mike: "Sulley, the bear!!! The bear!! Give her the...!!!!"
Mike: "Whoahhhhh!!!!"
Mike: "Oof!"
Sulley: "What was that?!"
Mike: "I have no idea. But it would be really great if it didn't do it again."
Sulley: "Shhhh!"
Mary: "Shhhh."
Sulley: "Shhh!!!"
Mary: "Shhhh."


  • Boo's crying causes the lights to surge making loud sounds in the voltage as it increases and decreases at a fast rate. Her crying diminishes as Sulley started singing to her making all of it stop, which turned out to be a fail causing her to cry again.
  • Mike trips on the lamp which wasn't intended while the lights stopped surging, and things don't turn out normal when he does so while landing in a garbage can.
  • Boo's laughter causes the lights to surge at a very much higher rate as so the other apartments all around, eventually leading to it's max power until the lights shatter leaving a blackout. With that, laughter is much powerful in the Monster World.


The lamp gets knocked over.

Boo crying as the lights are surging at a low voltage.

Lights surging from Boo's crying, with significant power and energy at a high voltage.

Boo stops crying only until she starts again.

Their lights stop surging for a couple seconds as the craziness isn't over yet.