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These are the rules that are required to follow in order to be an editor on this wiki. Failure of following the rules will result in either warnings or blocks.


  • Spam, which is when a link is provided to an external website that you are associated with, is not allowed.
  • No vandalism is permitted at any point on the wiki.
  • Don't try to offend or harm any other members. This is referred to as cyber bullying, and can be a very hurtful thing.
  • Only join if you meet or exceed the age of thirteen, which is one of Wikia's policies.
  • When you see a user breaking one of these rules, do not make an attempt to deal with the situation yourself. Report them to an administrator and they will take care of the problem in question.
  • Please try not to upload images that already exist.
  • Any foul language and/or sexual content is not allowed.
  • One of the features that our wiki uses is the achievement system, where you can earn badges by making constructive edits to earn points and get your name on the leaderboard. However, please do not edit just to earn a specific badge, especially if they are just simple and pointless edits.
  • Message walls are used to communicate with each other using your profile page. As these our viewable by anyone, you should not give any information such as your address, phone number, etc. to a friend, especially if you haven't actually met them before.
  • A talk page is a space used for discussion of an article. As every talk page says, only use these for discussion revolving around changes to the article.

Note: If you do break a rule and have not read these rules, that cannot be used as an excuse.