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The Monsters, Inc. series is a series of films, short films, video games, books, comics, and more, created by Pixar. The series takes place in the "monster world", a separate dimension from the "human world", a world where electricity is powered by the laughter of children (previously screams), which are obtained by employed monsters entering doors and making children laugh.

The installments generally focus around the adventures of Mike and Sulley, two monsters that first met at college.


Name Release date Summary
Movie poster monsters inc 2
Monsters, Inc.
November 2, 2001 (Theaters)
2002 (DVD)
December 19, 2012 (3D re-release)
When Sulley, a scarer at Monsters, Inc., is sent to collect his friend Mike's paperwork, he discovers a door that was forgotten to be put back into the warehouse. A human girl named Boo escapes into the Monster World, and Mike and Sulley have to find a way to send her back without getting in trouble from both the authorities and their company.
Monsters, Inc.: The Video Game
October 19, 2001 (Game Boy Color)
October 25, 2001 (Game Boy Advance)
March 19, 2002 (PlayStation 2)
Monsters, Inc.: The Video Game is a video game based on the events of the movie. Players must journey through eight levels and a variety of minigames on their quest to retrieve Boo and save her from the hands of the evil Mr. Waternoose.
Monsters, Inc. Scream Team
October 30, 2001 Before Mike and Sulley were hired at Monsters, Inc., upon arriving they had to complete several trials to qualify as a scare team.
Monsters Inc Scream Arena
Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena
September 14, 2002 Unlike other Monsters, Inc. games, Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena is a dodgeball game, in which various characters from the film compete by throwing laugh balls at each other. There are over seven arenas to play in, as well as various minigames and extras to unlock as the game progresses.
Mike's New Car
September 17, 2002 Mike excitedly wants to show off his new car to Sulley, but unfortunately for him, everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and Mike ends up crashing the car, forcing him and Sulley to walk to work.
Monsters, Inc. Run
December 13, 2012 Players take control of any of five tag teams, as they attempt to save Boo from the hands of Mr. Waternoose, by jumping and running in pursuit of him.
Cloudy 2
Monsters University
June 21, 2013 Mike Wazowski arrives at Monsters University, in hopes of becoming a scarer, as he has always wanted. However, Mike quickly becomes enemies with a big monster named Sulley, and during a fight, the two knock over their headmaster's prized possession, resulting in both of them terminated from the Scare Program. To get back in, Mike, Sulley, and a fraternity of outcast monsters compete in the Scare Games, and they eventually make it to the final round. Due to Sulley cheating, both Mike and Sulley are expelled, but are offered a job at Monsters, Inc., and begin to work their way up the corporate ladder.
Party central logo
Party Central
March 21, 2014 Mike and Sulley visit their Oozma Kappa friends, and find out that they are throwing their first party, but no guests have arrived. Mike and Sulley utilize a borrowed door station to steal elements from Roar Omega Roar's party and bring them into their party.
Monsters at Work 2020 Tyler Tuskmon, a mechanic of MIFT (Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team), dreams of working on the laugh floor along with mike & sulley.

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