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Roar Omega Roar, often shortened as RΩR, is one of the six fraternities of Monsters University. It is the rival fraternity of OK (Oozma Kappa).

The Roar Omega Roar (RΩR) fraternity is made up of the best of the best. They’re the smartest, most skilled, scariest monsters at Monsters University, and come from families with a long, proud history of Scaring. While the RΩRs may be preppy in dress, they are ferocious in action and downright ruthless, if necessary. Self-declared as the most elite house on campus, the RΩRs are led by Johnny Worthington who presides over the house like an all-powerful monarch. Eager to continue their Scare Games winning streak, the RΩRs will do whatever it takes to stay on top.



  • Concept art shows that the RΩR fraternity was originally going to be called the EEK fraternity (E? E? Kappa), and had green as its distinctive color. In the final film, ΣΣΚ is the name of a sorority, while green is the color of Oozma Kappa.
  • Their abbreviation (RWR) is a reference to the word 'RWR', which stands for 'Radar Warning Receiver'.
  • Not counting Randall Boggs, the current members Johnny, Chet and Reggie are the only ones in the film to have voices. However, only Johnny and Chet were able to speak.
  • Chet Alexander was originally going to be colored blue.
  • Concept art of the RΩR fraternity house shows that it resembles a castle/chapel.
  • Roar Omega Roar has the same colors as Gryffindor House from the Harry Potter series, red and gold.
    • Despite having the colors of Gryffindor, Roar Omega Roar more resembles Slytherin House. This can be seen in their confidence, their arrogance, their slickness, and their drive to do anything in order to win, such as when they humiliate the OKs during the party. And while OK has the Slytherin colors, they resemble Gryffindor.


Roar Omega Roar

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