The Scare Games is a competition with different events to put a monster's scaring skills to the test. The Scare Games were founded by Abigail Hardscrabble when she was a student of MU, and she won them four years in a row.


In order for a team to be official, it has to have a total of six monsters - "[They] count bodies, not heads".

Team Name

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Player 5

Player 6

Jaws Theta Chi

Baboso Goretega

Dirk Pratt

Roy "Big Red" O'Growlahan

Omar Harris

George Sanderson

Percy Boleslaw

Python Nu Kappa

Naomi Jackson

Carrie Williams

Heather Olson

Crystal Du Bois

Britney Davis

Taylor Holbrook

Slugma Slugma Kappa

Violet Steslicki

Donna Soohoo

Brynn Larson

Maria Garcia

Carla Delgado

Debbie Gabler

Roar Omega Roar

Johnny Worthington III Chet Alexander Randall "Randy" Boggs Javier Rios Reggie Jacobs Chip Goff

Eta Hiss Hiss

Rosie Levin Nadya Petrov Sonia Lewis Susan Jensen Rhonda Boyd Nancy Kim

Oozma Kappa

Mike Wazowski James P. Sullivan ("Sulley") Terri and Terry Perry Scott "Squishy" Squibbles Art Don Carlton


For the teams to know about the events, they get a riddle/rhyme which gives them a clue what the event will be and where it will take place.

Name of Event


Where it Took Place

What the Event Was Representing

Toxicity Challenge

"A child's room is where you scare, but avoid the toxicity lurking there."

The Sewers

Avoiding the toxic items in a child's bedroom.

Avoid the Parent

"If a kid hears you coming, they'll call Mom or Dad, then you'd better run fast or things will get bad."

The Library

When scaring, don't alert the parents and get caught.

Don't Scare the Teen

"To frighten a child is the point of a scare. If you frighten a teen, then scarer beware."

In a Maze

Avoid scaring a teenager.

Hide and Sneak

"Someone is coming, this could ruin your night. Stay hidden, take cover, and stay out of sight."

In the ΣΚΘ

Keep yourself hidden so you don't get caught when scaring.

Simulated Scare

"Every one of your skills will be put to the test. The Scare Simulator will prove who's the best."

The Scaring Stadium

How scary are you?


The last team to finish the event is eliminated from the competition.




Jaws Theta Chi

Toxicity Challenge

They were disqualified for putting on an illegal protective gel that would prevent them from getting swelled by the urchins.

Slugma Slugma Kappa

Avoid the Parent

Got caught by the Librarian and thrown out of the library.

Python Nu Kappa

Don't Scare the Teen

Scare the teenager and got trapped in the center of the maze.

Eta Hiss Hiss

Hide and Sneak

Didn't find good places to hide.

Roar Omega Roar

Simulated Scare

They were out-scared by Oozma Kappa. Though it was later revealed that Sulley cheated.

1st Round is the Top 6, 2nd Round is the Top 5, 3rd Round is the Top 4, 4th Round is the Semifinal and Final Round is the Finale

Results summary

Toxicity Challenge Avoid the Parent Don't Scare The Teen Hide and Sneak Final Round
Oozma Kappa


Eliminated (Reinstated) Safe Safe Safe Winners
ROR Material Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-ups
Eta Hiss Hiss Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Python Nu Kappa Safe Safe Eliminated
Slugma Slugma Kappa Safe Eliminated
Jaws Theta Chi Disqualified due to cheating
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