Scott "Squishy" Squibbles is a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity.


Scott Squibbles gives new meaning to the term "undeclared." A sophomore whose dream of becoming a Scarer was squashed in his first year at Monsters University, "Squishy" is a bit of a wide-eyed wanderer—small, sweet, naïve and quiet—who, not surprisingly, still lives with his doting mother. But with a little help from his Oozma Kappa brothers, Squishy begins to realize he's more than just that shy monster in the corner.

Squishy is constantly overlooked, and often moves without being noticed by anyone. Because of this, his interventions keep freaking out Mike Wazowski, who forgets his presence all the time. This characteristic becomes his force. He uses it in the "Avoid The Parent" leg of the Scare Games to get the OK flag unnoticed and bring victory to his team, and to catch a good score in the final "Simulate Scare" event by mysteriously changing position, freaking out the child dummy.

At the ROR party, Squishy discovers himself a more wild personality, dancing like crazy with the Python Nu Kappa sisters.

Character Design

Dan Scanlon says Squishy was created to show a student even smaller than Mike being able to be scary, to emphasize that scariness isn't "about your size, necessarily, or even the way you look... it was a thing you either had or you didn't. An intangible quality."

Scanlon said he had to be a simple "unmolded ball of clay" that was easily overlooked, that "People shouldn’t be noticing him a lot. He should be boring-looking. He should actually be a bad design of a character, the worst background character that was never supposed to be seen in the foreground."

In early versions, artists based him on simple gels and candies. His final appearance takes the texture and appearance of Mochi candy.


According to director Dan Scanlon, he is a "19-year-old college student who doesn't know what he wants to be."


Scott is colored light purple, with five eyes. He wears a green shirt and hat.




Video Games


  • Scott is nicknamed Squishy because of his jelly-like appearance.


  • "We have cake!"
  • "I've never stayed up this late in my life!"
  • "Can't wait to start Scaring with you! Brothers?"


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