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Transclude this template at the top of a character article to display an information box that lists various data about the character.


Parameter Explanation
name Name to display at the top of the Infobox. If you leave this blank, it will default to {{PAGENAME}} and simply display the title of the page. If you specify a name, it will use that instead.
image The name of the picture to be displayed, without the brackets or the "File:" prefix. Size is fixed at 200px, so images in a 4:3 aspect ratio are preferred over widescreen images.

Example:   S1e1 mewni.png
instead of: [[File:S1e1 monster.png]]
If the picture is not specified, it will use No Screenshot.png as a default.

gender List the character's gender (male or female) here.
age If the character's age is known, list it here.
eye color
skin color List the character's skin color here, if they have skin and not fur.
fur color List the character's fur color here if they have it.
home List the character's place of residence here if notable.
relatives List family members here. Use <br /> between names if more than three listed.
first The first installment the character appeared in. Use brackets around the installment title, but no quote marks. Example: [[Episode]]
last The last installment the character appeared in. Same format as first above. Do not fill in if the character has only appeared once.
voice Character's voice actor. Include link to relevant page. If no page exists, link to Wikipedia. Examples: [[Creator]] or [[Wikipedia:Jeff Bennett|Jeff Bennett]].


{{Infobox Character
|name           =
|image          =
|gender         = 
|eye color      = 
|skin color     = 
|fur color      = 
|home           = 
|relatives      = 
|voice          = 
|first          = 
|last           =