Zack[1] is a thin, green monster that works as Ricky Plesuski's assistant at Monsters, Inc.


Zack was working with Plesuski on the day of Boo's escape into the monster world, on Scare Floor F. During preparation for that day's scream collection, Ricky's Assistant obtained doors for Plesuski to enter, and aided him in brushing his teeth prior to his first scare of the day.

Once Boo had been returned to the human world and the CDA had deemed Monsters, Inc. free of any human interaction, Zack and the rest of the company's staff waited outside the building, where Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan realized Monstropolis' energy could be acquired through both screams and laughs. Scare Floor F was subsequently renamed the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, where Ricky and Zack work together to collect laughs.





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